Living at home vs. Senior Living

April 28, 2020


Living at home vs. Senior Living

Do you ever wonder which is better? During one’s later years it can often be hard deciding whether to stay at home, “aging in place”, or to move somewhere with greater care options. This is especially tough considering the challenges and the costs, but also the difficulties of living at home throughout one’s maturing years. At Bay Grab Bar, we try to ease those worries by answering a few of the most common questions on the decision-making process.

What does living at home entail?

Increasingly, older adults are deciding to live at home (sometimes called “aging in place”) allowing them to live at home without compromising safety, independence, or comfort. The idea is that through home modifications, a house can become much more accessible no matter your age, income, or mobility.

What about Senior living?

Senior Living can be a good option for many individuals and couples. Yet, according to American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), 87% of adults age 65+ don’t want to leave their current homes as they age. Often people want to stay within their communities and to remain close to their families and friends. Also, the average cost of Senior Living in Sonoma is $3737/month but can be as high as $5800 in Santa Rosa.

How can I modify my home for independent living?

The most common modifications are adding shower grab bars, stair hand rails, or zero-step entrances. Grab bars are incredibly useful in a variety of situations, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide exactly how and where they should be placed. A specialist can help by offering advice throughout the process.

Who can help modify my home for independent living?

Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are trained to consider many variables when planning for home modifications including aesthetic design, logistics, and cost. They frequently work with Occupational Therapists (OT) or Physical Therapists (PT) to create and execute custom strategies for each of their clients’ needs. On the journey towards a barrier-free home, CAPS professionals can be an incredible resource to lean on.

What can Bay Grab Bar do?

Bill is a CAPS professional who provides consultations either in person or over Zoom. After evaluating customer needs and determining pricing, he is also certified to properly install any grab-bars, handrails or other equipment needed for a barrier-free home perfect for independent living.