Fall-proofing your home is the best gift you can give to yourself and to your loved ones, especially the older members of the family. You deserve a safe and comfortable place to live. Below are simple yet effective modifications you can do today to fall-proof your home


    1. Throw Rugs, Runners, Carpets, and Mats should have rubber backs to avoid sliding. Tape down the edges if necessary as the curled up area can be a tripping hazard. 
    2. Wires and Cords should be away from walk paths. Tape down, fasten, or move the appliances if appropriate. 
    3.  Furniture should be arranged or removed to avoid obstructions. 
    4. Shoes and footwear should have rubber soles and back support or Velcro straps for better traction. A shoehorn can be used if the person cannot bend over to put the shoes. 
    5. Remove door thresholds. A ½ inch elevation may seem nothing but it is one of the most common tripping hazards around the home.
    6. Organize your environment and remove clutter. The floor, stairs, and hallways should be cleared of anything that can spell accident.  
    7. Secure indoor and outdoor steps. 
    8. Make sure your tub, bed, and furniture are the right height to make it easier to get in and out of it.  
    9.  If possible, consider installing a stair lift.  
    10. Lighting is a major aspect of safety. If the light is not right, danger follows. It is important to keep every part of the house well-lit but the type of light and the place where it is located is also important. Fluorescent and halogen lights are too bright for the elderly. Overhead lights can be blinding. Battery-powered push lights can if be installed around the home if double switches are not possible. 



There are many services and devices you can use in case of an emergency such as Electronic Caregiver, Phillips Lifeline, Med Alert, and Walabot Home fall detection solution. It is important to discuss it with your family along with a healthcare professional or an Aging in Place Specialist to find out which devices are appropriate for your needs.


 “The small things you do today can save your life tomorrow!” 


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Schedule your free safety consultation today