For many of us, our homes are our haven— a place where we can relax and feel comfortable. But as we age, the need for safe and accessible homes becomes more apparent. 

Because of physical limitations, what used to be a normal activity in our home can become an everyday battle— navigating the stairs, reaching out for utensils, or even simply going in and out of the bathroom. This is where Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) come to save the day.



What is the CAPS Program?

CAPS is a national certification program that trains and certifies contractors and other professionals in the senior safety solutions industry. 

A CAPS certified professional has the skills and knowledge necessary to assess the needs of seniors and design and implement solutions that meet those needs. In addition, CAPS certified professionals are trained in universal design principles and have a deep understanding of the issues that seniors face as they age. 


Advantages of Hiring CAPS Professionals

CAPS professionals can be a great asset to seniors and their families in providing much-needed peace of mind knowing that safety modifications are being made correctly and professionally. With their expertise, families can be sure that any modifications made will be in the best interests of their senior loved ones.

Below are some areas where a CAPS professional can help your family: 

  • A CAPS professional is specifically trained to make informed decisions about modifications and installations tailored according to your lifestyle and home environment.
  • A CAPS professional understands the best ways to make safety modifications that won’t compromise the aesthetics of your home. 
  • They are knowledgeable about the local building codes in your area. This will ensure that the modifications you make are safe and up to code.
  • They also bring a deep understanding of different types of products used in modifications and installations such as medical and emergency response systems, mobility aids, and other technologies that can help seniors remain safe and comfortable in their homes.
  • Many CAPS professionals offer warranties and guarantees on their work, so you can be sure that your senior safety modifications are of the highest quality.




CAPS professionals are dedicated to providing an experience that meets and exceeds your expectations. They take the time to explain the process, discuss your options, and answer any questions you may have. They are also available to explain any modifications that you may need to make in the future.

Overall, when it comes to safety modifications for seniors, CAPS professionals stand out from the crowd. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they offer quality customer service. With their help, you can be sure that the modifications you make to your home will meet all your needs and keep your senior loved one safe and comfortable.

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Schedule your free safety consultation today