Fall-proofing your home is the best gift you can give to yourself and to your loved ones, especially the older members of the family. You deserve a safe and comfortable place to live. Below are simple yet effective modifications you can do today to fall-proof your bathroom


Shower/Toilet Grab Bar 

  • NEVER use the towel bar as a “grab bar”. It is made for towels and not for humans! Its weight threshold cannot bear that much weight. 
  • Installing the grab bars at a diagonal can serve a dual purpose: the lower portion can help when sitting and the upper portion can provide stability when standing.
  • Installing a grab bar with a peened (slip-resistant) finish is ideal in the wet areas.
  • Faulty installation can increase fall-risk. Working with a certified aging specialist (CAPS) who understands the importance of the job can save you much trouble. 
  • Suction cup grab bars can be very dangerous. Remove them immediately and install properly installed grab bars that are anchored into the home structure.


Two for one grab bars

can combine the grab bar  with a shelf or a toilet paper holder, or a towel bar, in a way that combines style, safety, and convenience. 

  • Shower Chairs/ Tub Transfer Bench is also helpful in the bathroom setting.  Choose a chair with adjustable legs and rubber feet for easy transfer and security. 
  • Raised Toilet Seat is ideal for those who find sitting and standing a challenge because of their existing condition. Use in conjunction with horizontal  or vertical grab bar. 
  • Tubs -Placing a no-slip rubber mat or tub decals inside the tub can significantly decrease the probability of slipping. 
  • The Flooring can also be made secure by putting rubber back runners, mat, or carpet for easier mobility. Tiles become slippery when wet which is a massive disaster in the making.  
  • Glass doors can be very dangerous; as well as, inconvenient in getting in and out of the tub or shower. They can be “in the way” if there someone helping your bathe. Oftentimes, we will remove the glass doors and the metal frame and replace them with a shower curtain rod and stainless steel curtain hooks. 


FUN FACT: November 19th is World Toilet Day.