Fall-proofing your home is the best gift you can give to yourself and to your loved ones, especially the older members of the family. You deserve a safe and comfortable place to live. Below are simple yet effective modifications you can do today to fall-proof your kitchen and dining


    1. Keep things organized and within reach. Sometimes, accidents happen when an individual uses chairs or overreach when grabbing items from cabinets or shelves. When things are accessible, you save yourself time, energy, and trouble. 
    2. Slide things across the counter. Simple tasks in the kitchen, like grabbing items for lunch, can be hard especially when one is using a walker. Some people tend to hold the item in one hand while holding on to their walker with the other, but this can offset the balance and may cause a fall.  If possible, try to slide things across the kitchen counter and move with both hands on the handgrips of the walker. 
    3. Clean up spills and grease right away. Slippery floors equals danger. 
    4. Use a non-skid mat to avoid sliding. The sink area earns special attention as it often gets wet. Water and sliding rugs do not go well together. 
    5. Handle items carefully. Do not carry too many things at a time as it can obstruct your view and cause an accident.  

FUN FACT: The kitchen sink is home to 100,000 more germs than the toilet, and there are 200% more germs in a chopping board than a toilet seat!