RAMPS are planes placed at an angle to make one end higher than the other. The slope acquired by doing this mathematically reduces the force exerted and covers more distance at the same time. In the home setting, it serves as a highway for wheeled types of equipment, makes lifting and moving loads easier, and provides a classic alternative to stairs especially for our loved ones with mobility impairment. Talk about comfort and efficiency! 


Here is a list of WHY YOU SHOULD USE RAMPS:



 Put it simply, IT IS YOUR RIGHT! Rather than be viewed as an inevitable economic and social isolation, aging in place should be perceived as an inevitable basic need and right. Independent living is one that should be prized. The Organization for Economic Co-operation Development (OECD), in which the US is a founding member (1961) states: 

“Elderly people, including those in need of care & support, should, wherever possible, be enabled to continue  living  in  their  own  homes…” (OECD 1994:3) 

But wait…. 

What does aging in place have to do with ramps?!

That leads us to:


Home Accessibility

Inaccessible homes equals unnecessary institutionalization. Let’s face it. As we get older, moving around the house becomes one of the hardest things you have to do each day. You don’t even need to count the steps it takes to get you gasping for air. Most housing designs are just not tailored to older people’s needs. As a result, more and more seniors are forced to retire into residential care. But with simple home modifications such as adding ramps can significantly ease this burden.  



Let’s talk about stairs! Even for the young ones in the house, climbing up and down the stairs is like a trip to the gym. Not against a good exercise! But think about what that means for someone who’s 65 and up using a walker, cane, or a rollator. What about someone who’s weak from surgery or one who uses crutches due to an injury? What about wheelchairs and other wheeled mobility devices? You certainly cannot use stairs for that!



Some doorways have difficult thresholds. Now, there’s your tripping culprit. While tripping videos are included in the “Funniest Videos” compilation, it certainly isn’t funny when it comes with a package of injuries, wounds, and bruises. Going back to stairs and other “fall” zones, ramps are relatively inexpensive compared to hospitalization. It’s a practical home modification you shouldn’t miss!

Car Entry and Exit 

Wheelchair ramp is how you make life easier. And think about how it can save a life during emergencies!


Your Well-Being

According to the National Council on Aging, 92% of older ones have at least 1 chronic illness and 77% have at least 2. Among these are heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and more. What would a ramp mean for someone who’s weak from heart complications or chemo treatments and cannot navigate steps safely? How can a mere ramp aid a stroke patient who might be struggling to move from one place to another? What if someone just had a hip or knee replacement? 



About 70% of older ones aged 65 and above suffer from vertigo and poor balance. Furthermore, aging causes bones to shrink and muscles to lose strength which often offsets balance. If dizziness strikes, trouble follows. Sensory impairments also add to the problem. This can be a problem during mobility. Ramps sure serve well during these unexpected circumstances.

Home Visitability

Our older ones would love to have visitors, family gatherings, or sleepovers. Ramps will help keep the homeowner and guests safe. All that’s left to do is enjoy these special occasions and create treasured memories. 


Easy to Use

Ramps are so easy to use, no manuals needed, no complex mechanisms, and no power consumption. 

Adds Aesthetics

Ramps do not only promote safety. Its varied designs can enhance the beauty and elegance of your garden, deck, or patios. 

Of course, ramps have their limitations, even hazards. Design problems, materials used, and weather are some factors that affect the usability and efficiency of ramps. So how do you know if your ramp is really serving its purpose? 

Aging In Place Specialist Bill Essert and Bay Grab Bar is here to help! 


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